Death of summer is the last full week of summer.  We have planned 5 stand alone day trip (Mon-Fri).  Students can come to as many or as few of the events as they'd like.  2 of the events you will need to register and pay online for, and the other three they will need to just show up with their money for the event.  We have made one release form for the whole week.  This way if a student is doing all 5 events they don't need 5 release forms.  Click here for to fill out the death of summer release form.  



Monday- Tree Hoppers

July 29
8:30am arrive at church
3:30 pm picked up at church
Cost $40

TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park is the largest zip line aerial adventure park in Central Florida, located just north of Tampa, Florida. The excitement of being in the trees, the thrill of the climb and the amazing experiences are all reasons we’re starting off Death of Summer here. Register now to make sure you don’t miss out.  We have a wonderful discounted price of $40. Make sure to wear closed toe shoes, pack a lunch and bring your sunscreen. 

There's 3 things that need to be done for students to participate for this event:

1) A parent needs to fill out the Death of Summer release form. click here (only have to do this once and it covers all the other events)
2) Register and pay for the event by July 24 click here
3) Complete Tree Hoppers consent form  click here

Tuesday - Escape Goat

July 30
4pm meet at Escape Goat
5:30 picked up at Escape Goat
Cost $26
One of the best kept secrets for entertainment right here in Winter Garden.  Escape Goat is an escape room that is done really well.  It stacks up against some fo the bigger escape rooms in the tourist areas of Orlando.  If you've never been in an escape room it's basically a real live riddle that has to be solved to "escape" the room.

2 things are needed for students to participate:

Death of Summer release.  Click here
Register and Pay by July 28. Click here

Wednesday - Top Golf

July 31
9:30 am meet at church
1 pm get picked up at church
Top Golf is fun for all no matter your skill level.  At first glance it looks like a golf driving range but it's so much more.  The bay resemble a bowling lane with comfy seating and nice snacks and drinks and it's AIR CONDITIONED!  The golf ball all have sensors so you can track the flight of each ball on giant tv screens.  There are targets all over the field that each person is aiming for and points are awarded for hitting the target.  This legitimately is fun even if you stink at golf.  We will be meeting at the church at 9:30 and arrive back at 1pm.  Just bring $20 cash with you for this event

1 things are required for this event:

Death of Summer release.  Click here


Thursday - Lion King

August 1
Time: TBD
Cost: TBD
We don't know the exact time but will be posting through our texting service on the week of but we will just meet at West Orange 5 in Ocoee.  You will be required to bring money and purchase your own ticket and buy your own snacks.  Students will need to be picked up from the theater as NO transportation will be provided for this event.  Nothing is required for this event other than you indicating that you will be participating on the Death of summer release form.  

Friday- Beach Day

August 2
9:00 am meet at church
5:00 pm get picked up from church
cost $10
This day is super simple.  We will be loading up the bus at 9am at the church, heading to the beach for some fun in the sun.  Please bring $10 cash to help with gas for the bus.  We will provide water and snack but each student needs to bring a bagged lunch.  Please bring towel and sunscreen and please NO two piece or speedo bathing suits.  You do not need to do anything other than indicating that you will be going with us to the beach on the Death of summer release form.

Death of Summer release form click here