Pornography is a huge problem that many of our teenagers are facing today.  Because it is such a private sin it's really difficult to address in homes as parents.  Even if you think there is no way that this is problem that your son or daughter could be facing I would encourage you to have conversations and place boundaries and accountability on devices that can access the internet.  One tool that I have found to be extremely valuable is accountability software called "covenant eyes".  This software doesn't restrict access but it does provide reports to whomever you choose to be accountability partners with.  I actually have an account that allows me to add up to 10 more people on and each of those people can have as many accountability as wanted.  Just because its on my account doesn't mean I have to be an accountability partner.  If you wanted to download this software on all your devices I can help you do this and it would be completely free if you do it through my paid membership.  Just let me know if you want more information.